Ko-fi announcement + Commission & Patreon reminder

'Ello there everyone, I decided to make a Ko-fi in addition to my Patreon! Perhaps you're interested in supporting my art career but you don't want a recurring charge to take place, so you're feeling "eh" on Patreon. If that sounds like you, then Ko-fi might be of interest!

With Ko-fi you can send just a few dollars when the moment strikes, or whenever it's best for you. Did I release a comic that you found particularly funny? Perfect moment for Ko-fi! But don't let me tell you what to do.

Thanks for your time <3

Remember that I am open for commission, and I DO have a Patreon going! If you sign on at the $5 tier you get a bonus comic every month that's not posted anywhere else!

Commissions are open!

I am excited to announce that commissions are officially open! I am offering 4 slots at a time and they are first come first served. It’s $25 for a digital pencil sketch and $45 for a digital color illustration. These are for 1-2 people, waist (or bust) up, and additional people, babies, pets, etc. are negotiable (with the potential for a fee increase depending on what you’re wanting).


You’ll receive two high resolution digital files: one with the names, and one without. These are suitable for posting online and printing out if you’d like. Please message me if you’d like to commission a portrait! You’ll provide me with one or two reference photos and I’ll provide an ETA for your finished product. Thank you so much for your time!