Oh hello! These things are always a challenge, so instead of getting hung up and obsessing over it being perfect I’ll just say that my name is Miranda and I’ve been attempting to create meaningful art since I was a child. I like telling stories and talking about the funny things that happen to me, and I'd love to be able to support myself financially while turning those moments into comics and illustrations for the world to read!

I live in Washington State with my husband and our two cats, Data and Picard (who are featured regularly in my comics!). I love Harry Potter, Nintendo, and miniature things. The best breakfast food in the world is sausage links wrapped in blueberry pancakes, topped with warm maple syrup. I’d normally refer to them as “pigs in a blanket” except I don’t want it to be confused with the mini hot dog and croissant roll up situation. Totally, totally different.

Ask me anything! Inquire about a portrait commission! Send me a link you think I’d enjoy! just please don’t be a creep.

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